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Here is my MyClassifiedScript review. one of the best Classified Script.

It is the best script that is available on the Internet for creating an Classified Ad website.
This review of MyClassifiedScript is my own experience and I have tried personally.

What I like:
– The layout is really good.
– Customer support is very fast and good.
– They install it free on our server in less than 24hours.
– The Admin panel is very easy to manage.
– You can choose between an personalised version based on your country you choose or Global version
with all Countries of the World
– They hear our suggestions.

If any problems arise they solve it for Free.
I can assure you can run a reliable classifieds site using MyClassifiedScript. Below is that I can list the advantages of your classifieds website running CLscript.
– It is extremely fast
– it is causing less server load even when it has hundreds visitors a day.
– They provide full 100% open source code and you can customize it.

Hope this review of MyClassifiedScript help you.You can also contact me if you have any doubts.
One of the best solution that is available for classifieds at present.
This is true and Honest review. Now about my review, Don’t worry this is not an affiliate review.(They do not have any affiliate program).

I can recommend it ! is another great Classified Script in responsive design.

Bye all

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6 Responses to Review Testimonials MyClassifiedScript

  1. Robert T. says:

    Myclassifiedscript Review / Testimonials:

    I would like to recommend the Classified Script ” ” too.

    I like the Design and it has great Features.
    And iam very happy with MyClassifiedScript support.

    Excellent work from a very knowledgable and very friendly provider.
    Good communication, Good job..

    I would definitely recommend this Classified script for all…

    Best regards

  2. Jenny says: Review. People are doing a great Job. Thier support is very good
    and fast.

    Iam very happy with my Classifieds Script.
    I love the new Style and Design.

    Many Thanks Myclassifiedscript Team

    Bye Jenny

  3. James says:

    Myclassifiedscript Review
    my Name is James from Canada.

    I have bought myclassifiedscript two month a ago.
    And I have never regretted the decision. I love it.

    And after 2 month I have over 850Advertiser and I only advertised on Facebook, Twitter
    and Forums.

    I would recommend the Script to a Friend.

    Many Thanks Myclassifiedscript Team

  4. Frank says:

    Myclassifiedscript Review / Testimonials


    thanks for the wonderful Classified script.

    Thanks for your reliable support !!

    Best wishes

  5. Eilan says:

    Myclassifiedscript Review / Testimonials:


    thanks for your great MyClassifiedScript.
    It is a big help for my own business.

    Thanks all the Team for all your amazing support.

    Best regards

  6. George says:

    Myclassifiedscript Review / Testimonial:

    I can confirm that Team is doing a great Job.
    I got what I have paid for.

    I really like the Classified Script. I was Not disappointed

    I can recommend it.

    Best regards
    George from Sweden

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